Initial Proposals and Estimates for cleaning gutter and downspouts is limited to the gutter and downspouts on the building(s) and does not include your property drainage systems in the ground.

The Typical Scope of a Gutter & Downspout Cleaning Job as follows:

Property Specific:

–  Hoses will be put down the downspouts to make sure they are flowing.

–  Clear gutters and downspouts of debris so water drains through.

–  Clean the roof valleys of the building.

–  Last time roofs and gutter were cleared was last season.

–  Clear the all gutters and downspouts from debris and make sure they flow freely.

–  Photograph any problem areas and contact client on the spot.

–  No gutter guards or screens.

–  Air blowers will be used with brooms unless in noise restricted area.

–  Rinse patios and areas that may be impacted by clearing debris from gutters.

–  We use your water on site to clear downspouts.

–  Composite roofing material

– We haul away the debris we remove but we do not haul away normal tree fallout on your grounds (unless you provide photos of the project and we agree for an additional fee.)

– If you have in-ground drainage systems they are not a part of this proposal.

Proposals are based on either a drive-by or review on Google maps.   If we encounter a problem that is not detectable we will consult with you and there can be additional charges in materials and man-hours to address such issues.  We would provide photos to help sort out how you want any possible jobs addressed beyond the basic cleaning of the systems that include gutters and downspouts.

If there are known problems or situations you want to be addressed in addition to having your gutters and/or downspouts cleared, we are happy to address those projects in a separate scope of work and estimate.   We do not point out items of which you may already know.   We photograph things on the roofs and gutter systems of which you may not be aware.    If you are aware of something that is not a part of cleaning the gutters and downspouts please tell us up front.  Otherwise, it is not a part of our estimate.

For instance:

If you have a tree that dumps excessive debris onto the ground next to your home, and your landscapers do not haul that away that debris, we can address hauling away such debris but that estimate would be separate from cleaning gutters, downspouts and roof areas, … and hauling debris away which we clear out.  That gutter and downspout debris is usually very rotten.

If you are in a PUD or an HOA we will need written permission from the management company in order to work on the grounds around the common foundations or buildings.

Ground drains are never a part of our gutter cleaning proposals unless you put in writing that you want a separate estimate for groundwork beyond picking up debris from our cleaning the gutters and downspouts.  We would sub that out because clearing tree roots from your ground drainage is not a part of cleaning gutters and due to unforeseen tree root evasion of drains can become very expensive to address.  If you have an in-ground drainage system there may be tree roots in that system and require you hire an excavating company to remove the roots.   So our cleaning is limited to the building and its downspouts.

Estimates do not include materials or repairs beyond what is described as being installed or performed in the scope of the job section.

These things do not happen very often but if discovered on the job we will be in contact with you and share photos on site.  (Any work that falls outside the scope of our proposal and would need your review of additional charges would not be done without your consent in advance).:

  1. Removal of a downspout which needs to be cleared due to heavy clogging and inability to clear the downspout with flushing and regular clearing tools due to location or access.
  2. If there is a screening system of which we are unaware of beforehand and did not price out for in advance.
  3. Slate, metal, shake shingle, adobe, tiles, solar shingles, steep roofs, …exceptional risk exposure access and roofing materials that may require additional safety and special handling can in some cases require additional care will be reviewed for strategy and may warrant additional charge that is typically addressed in the proposal.
  4. Add downspout screens at the top of each downspout inside the gutters: $5.00 per screen install if added on the original cleaning trip to property.   If added on a separate trip to property $50.00 base charge, (Marin County), plus $5.00 per screen install.

Optional services we offer all year at an additional charge depending on the size of the job:

  1. Leak repairs, even when gutters are wet.
  2. Dry season paint inside of metal gutters with Rust Destroyer primer to help them last longer.
  3. Professionally pressure wash home, driveway and walkways.
  4. Cleaning and staining shingle or redwood siding. (We are Marin County’s first contractor to specialize in exterior natural wood staining of decks and homes).
  5. Painting exterior and interiors, residential and commercial.
  6. Staining and rehydration of shingled buildings, extending their longevity.

Proposals and pricing are valid for a maximum of 3 months and may need reevaluation at any time due to changing conditions.  Thank you for understanding

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