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All gutters are cleaned by hand and flushed with the water.  The gutter system is checked for drainage and overall condition.  We can also assess the condition of the fascia board and soffits to ensure that there is no damage and that all wood components (fascia, soffits, eaves, plywood, rafter tails, etc.) are in good condition and in working order.  We also attempt to remove as much loose debris as possible on the roof eaves closest to the gutters.  Excessive roof debris may be removed for an additional minor charge. After the gutters are cleaned, and the leaders are flushed, any debris that came off the roof or out of the gutters is raked up, bagged and taken away.

Marin County and surrounding areas in California have had some dry winters in the past, this is the year you need to make sure your rain gutters are clear. It looks like El Niño will bring a lot of rain this season to the area and your gutters and spouts need to be cleaned and cleared of debris.

Cleaning your gutters is the first line of defense from protecting your home from flooding and other rain damage. Wetter roofs and other parts of your home could invite mold or pests to take up residence with you and you don’t want that!

Good drainage away from your home could save you a small fortune in home repairs later.

If you have the time, equipment and know how you can do it your self. There are professional rain gutter cleaning services. These guys know how to work safely on wet roofs and will come in handy if you are busy and or are afraid of heights.

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